Christian Aid


Christmas Hamper

Pauline has assembled a lovely hamper for me, full of delicious goodies from her wonderful range of Traidcraft  items and this year the hamper will be raffled to raise £60 to twin the church toilet under the Toilet Twinning scheme I wrote about in last month’s magazine.  However, I hope we might raise more than this amount and that will be sent to Christian Aid to support their Christmas campaign.    The hamper will be on display on the Traidcraft stall at the beginning of December and I will always have some tickets to sell on the run up to Christmas so do not hesitate to catch me at any time!


Children across South Sudan and Burkina Faso do not have enough to eat this Christmas.

Every £1 donated the UK Government will match so this is a very good way to ensure your donation really helps where it is needed.

Happy Christmas and thank you for your support this year.

Polly Stone-Lee