Growing in Faith


Many People have benefited from sharing their spiritual journeys in smaller gatherings. We have several house groups at St Mary's including a contemplative one inspired by the 14th century Mystic, Julian of Norwich. A Julian meeting is a group of Christians practising contemplation together to deepen their prayer life The format is a short reading (a prayer poem or piece of scriptuer) and music leading into thiry minutes of silence, concluding with a prayer said together. Fellowship time may follow. 

For further information please contact Tina Nay on:

We also have two groups where new members are always welcome: 

Vicky's group meets Monday evenings at 7pm, and on Tuesday afternoons at 2pm, both usually twice a month. For more information.Tel: 504878.

For details of Iona's group please Tel: 502019.

New members are always welcome. If you would like to join us, you can obtain further information from the church office Tel: 01323 501763 or speak to Vicky, Iona or a member of the clergy.