Caring & Sharing

CARING & SHARING (East Sussex)
'Live more simply that others may simply live'

In August 1982 a scheme started in Eastbourne called ‘Caring & Sharing’ to help feed and care for the poor overseas.

Those of us who are members of the scheme try to ‘Live more simply so that others may simply live’. The idea of the scheme is that members agree to go without a small item of food or drink, or give up a newspaper or magazine to make a conscious self sacrifice of something which they would normally have bought—donating the money instead to a chosen project. For example—a digestive biscuit costs only a few pence, but 5p a day amounts to more than £18 per year. The money saved put in an envelope and placed in the Caring & Sharing box, or given anonymously at the end of every month.

Our Caring and Sharing Project is “Let The Children Live”, run by Fr. Peter and his helpers.
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Many thanks to all our Carers & Sharers
Brenda Smith.

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