TRAIDCRAFT - Making a Difference

Here at St Mary's we support Traidcraft which runs projects with poor and marginalised producers by helping them to grow and sell their produce. Many workers' lives are transformed through the work of Traidcraft which reduces poverty by raising farm incomes and generating employment. Once a month the Traidcraft stall is in the Church Hall, at coffee time after the 9.45am service, with a wide range of products. But you don't have to wait until the stall is in the hall as Pauline is always happy to take orders for items from stock at other times. Why not ask to see a Traidcraft Catalogue which contains lovely fashion and gift items and order something special. 


Farmers in the central region of Malawi, close to the Zambian border used to grow tobacco but saw demand for this crop plummet.  Now, with the support of Liberation, a supplier to Fairtrade, the farmers were helped to diversify their crop and grow peanuts.  One such farmer, Rosemary, has been growing peanuts for ten years but on a very small scale.  She then realised that by joining the Liberation co-operative, she could make a living from her nuts and get a fair price for them.  She says that “Fairtrade has already made a difference our lives.  It has brought a better, reliable and more stable market for our peanuts. The Fairtrade premium will help alleviate poverty in the area and it will improve the lives of the entire community”.

The Malawi community have used the Fairtrade premiums to build Guardian shelters as safe places for expectant mothers and have invested in shelling machines which increase efficiency and protect the farmers’ hands from blistering.  Community buying centres are also being constructed, so farmers from across the area can store large quantities of peanuts in a protected environment. When market seasons are over, the farmers decide how the buildings are used – some are used as spare classrooms or are used to store and distribute relief items such as mosquito nets or seeds for farmers who have lost crops due to local disasters such as flooding.  We can support the farmers of Malawi by buying Liberation peanuts.  Small bags of Salted Cashews & Peanuts are available from our Traidcraft stall.

Thank you for your continued support of Traidcraft.

Pauline Phillips                          

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