TRAIDCRAFT - Making a Difference

Here at St Mary's we support Traidcraft which runs projects with poor and marginalised producers by helping them to grow and sell their produce. Many workers' lives are transformed through the work of Traidcraft which reduces poverty by raising farm incomes and generating employment. Once a month the Traidcraft stall is in the Church Hall, at coffee time after the 9.45am service, with a wide range of products. But you don't have to wait until the stall is in the hall as Pauline is always happy to take orders for items from stock at other times. Why not ask to see a Traidcraft Catalogue which contains lovely fashion and gift items and order something special. 


I am very sad to advise you that I have received an email from Traidcraft saying that due to continued poor trading and despite enormous efforts by staff, management and Fair Traders over the last few years to reverse the company’s performance, it has not yet succeeded.  Traidcraft plc’s assets remain considerably greater than its liabilities and while this remains the case, the Board of Directors believe it is prudent to close the current loss-making trading operations. 

Traidcraft is very aware of the impact that this will have on their producer friends and deeply regret that these relationships will be coming to an end.  However, they are communicating with all their partners to see if they can help them transfer their business to other organisations.  Traidcraft will continue to trade as usual to the end of 2018.  Although they believe that their current model is not sustainable, they remain passionate about fair trade and are considering other models for the future that will help them to continue making the case for trade that is just.  Traidcraft Exchange, their sister charity, continues to work with farmers, workers and artisans in Africa and South Asia to help them get a better deal from trade and to lobby and campaign in the UK for better trade rules. 

As this may be my final article, I want to say a very special thank you to my team of loyal helpers and of course, to our dear customers who have supported Traidcraft since its introduction several years ago.  I would be grateful if you will continue to buy from Traidcraft over the coming months as I have a lovely stock of Christmas cards and gifts to share with you.  Trading at our Church will not cease until the cupboard is empty!

Thank you for your continued support of Traidcraft.

Pauline Phillips                          

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