TRAIDCRAFT - Making a Difference

Here at St Mary's we support Traidcraft which runs projects with poor and marginalised producers by helping them to grow and sell their produce. Many workers' lives are transformed through the work of Traidcraft which reduces poverty by raising farm incomes and generating employment. Once a month the Traidcraft stall is in the Church Hall, at coffee time after the 9.45am service, with a wide range of products. But you don't have to wait until the stall is in the hall as Pauline is always happy to take orders for items from stock at other times. Why not ask to see a Traidcraft Catalogue which contains lovely fashion and gift items and order something special. 


A little while ago, Traidcraft completed the BEET project (Beekeepers’ Economic Empowerment, Tanzania) – a three year initiative designed to boost incomes and increase the quality of life for rural beekeepers in Tanzania.  The evaluation of the project produced some encouraging results and behind every statistic are the stories of families fed, children educated and people working their way out of poverty.  Traidcraft have helped the beekeepers to increase their production by 86% which in turn has increased the beekeepers’ income by an average of 67%.  This has paid for school fees; food; goats, cattle and housing.  In addition to this, more than half the leadership positions in beekeeper groups are now held by women and in the beekeepers’ association, women fill 64% of leadership roles.  (The evaluation noted that groups led by women typically perform better than those led by men.)  The beekeepers have been encouraged to develop multiple income streams to make them more resilient – investing in things like small shops, fishing, selling clothes, poultry and goat rearing. 

We regularly stock a range of honey including a Guatemalan Squeezy Honey, a lovely set Wild Blossom Honey and the very popular Sweet Justice Honey.  Each of these has its own characteristics and is definitely worth a try.   Our next Traidcraft stall will be at the beginning of October, but as usual, I am happy to open the cupboard for you at other times.

Thank you for your continued support of Traidcraft.

Pauline Phillips                          

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