Prayer Walks & Contemplation

Finding God in All Things

One of the traditional approaches to spirituality − the Ignatian − is concerned with raising awareness of God in every one, every place and everything.  One of the many ways we have been doing that is through our reflective prayer walks, which we are continuing this year.  They each begin at St Mary’s, where we make our way to the starting point and then walk for about 3 miles. 

We are also experimenting with a couple of more sedentary afternoon sessions, where we will meditate on the scriptures and convey our thoughts in a creative way.  You do not have to be a competent artist, but just have the desire to express yourself by drawing, painting, collage, sculpture etc.  You can either bring your own materials or use those that we provide.  On these occasions, places will be limited − sign-up sheets will be available nearer the time.  Each session begins in Church with some music and a contemplative reading, followed by a creative period and refreshments in the Church Hall.

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Prayer Walks

Friday 6 September, 9.30 am Butt’s Brow to Jevington

Contemplation with Creativity

Saturday 17 August, 2.00 – 4.30 pm

For more information, contact Fr. Clive or Rev'd. Merriel