Vicar: The Reverend Kevin Agnew

The Vicarage, 35a Church Street, Willingdon, BN20 9HR

01323 - 502079


Associate Vicar : The Reverend Clive Woodward

61 Rowan Avenue, Willingdon

01323 - 509891


Associate Vicar: The Reverend Merriel Woodward

61 Rowan Avenue

01323 - 509891


Associate Vicar: The Reverend Sue Wilkinson 

150 Macquarie Quay Eastbourne



Parish Office: St Mary’s Church

St Mary's Church, Church Street, Willingdon

01323 - 501763

Email the parish office

Office open. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9.30am - 12.30pm


Church Warden

Mrs Iona Taylor

01323 - 502019


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