Children's Society

Here at St Mary's we support the Children's Society, a nationwide charity that runs local projects helping children and young people when they are at their most vulnerable. It is thanks to supporters including those here at St Mary's Willingdon that this vital work is enabled to continue. We hold an Annual Coffee Morning each Spring and a Christingle Service to raise funds. For further details or for a collection box please see Christine Wragg in church or contact her via the church office.

Box-opening Coffee Morning, March 2018

Thank you to all those who supported this event - to date the grand total is £870. The coffee morning raised £106: £70 from the raffle, £25 from sale of cakes and plants, and £13 from refreshments. The remainder was from Children’s Society collection boxes and donations.

This wonderful total couldn’t have been achieved without the many helpers – those who counted money, baked cakes, donated raffle prizes, served refreshments, etc. Thanks to them all.

Most of all thanks for the on-going support of those who have boxes at home and regularly use them. If you have a box that hasn’t been opened recently please do get in touch with me so that we can make sure the money gets to the Children’s Society as soon as possible for their vital work. And if you don’t yet have a box and would like one, then I’d also be very pleased to hear from you.

Message from the Children’s Society: Thanks to your ongoing support, amongst the work we do we are able to help many young carers across the country who look after a sick or disabled family member. This year Young Carers Awareness Day on 25th January highlighted some of the pressures that young carers face.

Being a young carer is seriously tough; having to take on adult responsibilities can prevent a child from living a normal childhood. Abi became a young carer at 11; caring for her mum affected her mental health, left her emotionally distracted at school, and resulted in bullying.

However, thanks to supporters like you, Abi was able to connect with other young carers, make new friends, and have a support system. You are helping young carers like Abi to get the support they need and ensure they experience the sort of childhood that they deserve.

Chris Wragg (507338 or



The total raised at last December’s Christingle service was over £150 - a huge thank you to all who supported this event.  Also to Jolly, the Kids on Sunday, their parents and leaders.
Thank you to everyone who supports the Children’s Society in any way. 

Chris Wragg, Parish Organiser.

To learn more about the work of the Children's Society click here