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112 SHOEBOXES - fantastic!

I have had a thank you card with a set of photographs of delivery in December of the shoeboxes. As they only go to the very poorest people you can imagine the living conditions are absolutely appalling, quite heart rending. Obviously our shoeboxes bring a lot of cheer into their lives for a short while. You will find, as usual, the photographs and the diary in a file at the end of the Church. I do hope during the next few months you can spare some time to study it, especially as so many of you work hard for the boxes.

I already have a large selection of things for next October and have been promised more of the bamboo socks from BAM and boxes of toothpaste all kindly donated. Hotter Shoes will supply their great boxes again as well which is a great help. I understand from Lisa that if we have knitted toys, blankets or large jumpers these will be put into black bags as “filling” and handed out where required. Toys with the CE label go into our boxes.

Happy hunting this summer – I know a lot of you enjoy finding special things for your boxes. If you need any further information my telephone number is: 01323 503088

Rhylva Holder 

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