Willingdon Church Players



Fr. Kevin did an admirable job directing our 52nd pantomime, ‘Hansel & Gretel’, an interesting interpretation written by Alex Kaufman. The two main characters were played by two sets of youngsters, two in the first act and two in the second – who portrayed the parts extremely well. They were well supported by a small adult chorus and several younger chorus, who were all kept busy, in a variety of roles and several costume changes, throughout the show. There were also some cameo roles from other fairy stories. The songs were lively and well known and had the audience clapping along with the music. The children’s mother must be congratulated on her first solo performance, and she and the doddery stepfather played their roles well. The banter and rapport between the baddies was a great mix of humour and pantomime wickedness – a great double act. At the opening and between the scenes the tale was narrated by the big, not so bad, wolf, accompanied by a silent, but brilliantly animated, seagull. Coming on as a handsome male pop group, the stage crew had their usual, if shorter, cameo part. The choreography was excellent, as were the costumes and sets, and last but in no way least, congratulations to our young, extremely talented accompanist. It was great fun and absolutely wonderful to see so many young people taking part, and well done to everyone. Sincere to all those who work tirelessly behind the scenes and front of house – Oscars deserved all round.